Roy Dekel

A leader in the real estate community.

With over 10 years of real estate experience, Roy has served in a number of capacities including investor, financial advisor, Director of Business Development, and CEO. In the fickle of climate of real estate, Roy Dekel has been able to remain a resilient player, garnering business success for not only himself, but each company he has been involved with.

Mr. Dekel, born and raised in Israel, immigrated to the United States in the early 2000s. Recognizing vast opportunities in Los Angeles, California, he quickly found his groove in merchant services, settling into the California culture. Shortly after in 2002, Roy Dekel became the Director of business Development at The Windows Company. There he was successful in drastically growing sales, raising both the monthly and annual rates. Roy maintained this position for three years before moving on to the DCH Home Development Company. Here, Roy served as the president for 6 years in which he expanded on this sales process as well. He additionally managed construction teams and identified investment opportunities. He was an integral member of the DCH team, using his insight and keen observations to push the company in a positive direction.

After gaining more experience in the real estate field, Roy Dekel transitioned into the role of CEO of the CA Merchant & Investment Group. Here he was able to build and develop the company’s investment policies, establishing new account relationships and restructure sales guidelines.

Roy Dekel has been an asset to his community as well. He is an active member in Israeli and Jewish organizations, often making generous contributions of his time to the greater good.

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