In the shark infested waters of the real estate industry, there is one name that stands out. Roy Dekel, the CEO of Setschedule, is one of those rare people where overwhelming success in business is almost overshadowed, if not equal to, his tireless philanthropy work. Setschedule, if you haven’t heard of them, is a ground-breaking company that have revolutionized the way properties are bought and sold all across the United States of America. Founded in 2014 Setschedule provides a unique method of connecting real estate professionals up and down the country, with home buyers and homeowners. The appointment making system combines the very latest in technology with years of high level expertise in the real estate industry, to create a ground breaking product and service that sees homes sold six times faster than before.

The man behind the revolution is none other than Roy Dekel. Born in Israel, Roy moved to the US in 2002 having served five years in the Israeli army. After enjoying notable with success with The Windows Company, Roy Dekel excelled as president of the DCH Home Development Company, before making a name for himself as CEO of the CA Merchant & Investment Group. The business success continued and in 2014 Roy Dekel founded Setschedule the first of its kind that is changing the face of the Real Estate industry as we know it.

Setschedule CEO Roy Dekel Staying True to His Roots

 Despite his success, or even because of his success Roy Dekel is a man that has never forgotten his roots. Roy has maintained a strong connection with the local Jewish and Israeli communities ever since moving to the US. One particular organization that is particularly close to Roy’s heart is the Israeli American council (IAC). The IAC provides support and leadership opportunities for over half million Israeli-Americans residing in the US. The IAC encourages a strong ethos of giving, engagement, and connection within the community by inspiring the next generation of youth to value and be of their Jewish heritage, traditions, customs, as well as the Hebrew language.

Another organization that is also close to Roy’s big heart is the American Technion Society (ATS). The ATS was established in 1940 to provide key support to the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Since its inception, the ATS has contributed more than $2 billion, helping to establish the Technion-Israel Institute as one of the world’s foremost science and technology universities, producing no less than three Nobel Prize winners whilst playing a huge part in helping Israeli economy become one of the strongest and most innovative economies in the world.

Recently, Roy Dekel established the Setschedule Care Foundation which matches employee and volunteer time. Roy has installed his own sense of giving back to the community within the Setschedule company. Having started with beach clean-up days, the Setschedule Care Foundation has raised more than $30,000 so far this year, with bold plans in place to raise another $1.5 million by 2020 to benefit more than 19,000 charities. Setschedule and Roy Dekel: two names that are changing business practices and lives for the better.