Leads are the lifeblood of any industry, especially real estate. The math is simple, the more people you speak to, the more opportunity you have to close business. It’s a numbers game, and It’s simple, right? Just get on the phone, knock on that door,  or email the client.  I am sure you have heard coaches tell you, carve out time for prospecting every day, or that the average listing appointment may require contact 20 times! 20 times! That is insane, yet, year after year, week after week, and day after day, new agents come in droves for the opportunity to make their own schedule, be their own boss, and do what they love. But now you are sitting in front of a blank computer screen, with no pipeline, a limited budget and no idea what to do next.

  1. Social Media is one of the easiest forms to get the word out that you are a working agent. Between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Youtube, you have a ton of options to get out in the public eye, and make new contacts. The goal or strategy for most, is to start a conversation. So take a poll, post a picture, share a blog, write an article, and engage your audience.
  2. Cancelled and expired listings are also a great place to find new prospects. You can canvas the house and neighborhood, or run title for contact information. This is a great place to start because you know that at some point, the owner had a reason or interest to make a change.
  3. Contact current customers for referrals. Never forget to ask for the referral, or you may be overlooked. This is a golden opportunity often disregarded. Check in with clients that you had worked with prior to see if they know someone looking for a home. Word of mouth clients are always best.
  4. Look for FSBO on Zillow. “For sale by owner” homes can be a tough nut to crack. They come with preconceived notions that they will save money if they sell their property on their own. It is your job to get passed their barriers to educate them on the legal ramifications, and money they could potentially leave on the table without a top-notch agent.
  5. You can always register on Setschedule (wink wink, nudge nudge). As CEO of this fantastic up and coming a marketing firm geared to the real estate industry, we offer free leads on demand to agents that register for our practice management solution.
  6. Hold a community event. Connect with the neighborhood. Community garage sales, blood drives, recycling and charity events have become increasingly popular. Organizing and participating in events for your community help get your name out there and shows the community that you care.
  7. Do something you already like to do to get real estate leads, then get out and do it. Join Cooking class, Reading clubs, Boot camps, ect…. Make new contacts and new friends.
  8. Join a real estate team, or work with another agent. This is a great strategy for agents newer to the industry. You get the benefit of learning under a mentor as well as business opportunities you would not have had otherwise.